Vitaroofs stands for Choices in green roof design!

Joy Schmidt has personally participated in the development of some
of the most celebrated projects in North America.

Heaven is just a roof top away!

Consumers want to go green, ecologically and economically. Vitaroofs’ Green Roof systems provide that solution to manage energy consumption and conservation and storm water management. Green roofs provide green space, biodiversity, noise and sound insulation and is being recognised as a contributor to improving air quality in major cities. Where urban areas experience higher temperatures than the surrounding countryside a green roof system will reduce the heat island effect.
Heaven is just a roof top away; Green Roofs convey a sense of beauty and bring a bit of nature to the concrete and glass of our urban landscape.
Through the introduction of the of thin layered pre-cultivated mat system of green roofs to North America by Joy Schmidt of Vitaroofs Int., the rooftops of the urban landscape have begun to change.
Headquartered in Mississauga, ON., Vitaroofs is an industry leader and has been instrumental with the invention of solutions to satisfy the increasingly complex requirements of the green roof industry.
Welcome to Vitaroofs International – Advanced Living Roof Systems.



Green Roofs Project List

Frank J Horgan Water Treatment Plant, Toronto • World on Yonge, Toronto • FSCC -Forensic Sciences and Coroner’s Complex, Toronto • Blue Nose Academy, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia • Into the Wild, Saint Johns, New Brunswick • Planetarium, Montreal • ED C – Export Development Corporation, Ottawa • Vancouver Police Department, Vancouver • RCMP, Surrey, BC • BTC – Broadway Tech Centre, Vancouver • Waterloo City Hall, Waterloo, ON • Wellesley Rekai Central Place, Toronto • 401 Richmond Street, Toronto • Concert Properties – Jazz condos • Concert Properties – Dunbloor Condos • Concert Properties – The Paloma •  Toronto Zoo – Polar Bear Exhibit, Toronto • Residential projects …

Vitaroofs is founded on creativity and research. We are proud to provide innovative solutions to increasingly complex requirements. By fostering awareness in green roofs, we impart knowledge, new thinking and offer an environmentally sound choice by; Offering accredited courses for architects • Participating in government task forces • Collaborating with research and development departments at St. Mary’s University, UBC-O, SAIT Polytechnic and others
One system of green roofs does not fit all; instead, we consult, listen to your vision, and offer an environmentally sound choice that is both beneficial to you the owner and the environment.
Whether you have a clear vision of what you want or envisioning something that has never been designed before, Vitaroofs’ approach translates into added value.…learn more.